FourTier Strategies, using our skill sets as both NationBuilder Certified Architects and Experts, is working in full partnership with the J.D. Winteregg for Congress campaign. We designed their website, built out the campaign's digital infrastructure and created and implemented their digital advertising and social media strategy.


When we first designed the new JDWinteregg.com, JD was running against Speaker of the House, John Boehner. Let's just say that Speaker Boehner's campaign site was antiquated. We wanted the look of JD's site to communicate his message of the need for bold, new leadership for Ohio.

We used animate.css and staggered the transition delays and duration to the logo elements to create an animated build on load. Over the first 30 days, we used Optimizely and HeatMaps to alternate delivery of the animated logo with a static version and tracked hovers, clicks, and email signups. The animated version performed measurably better on CTR and email sign ups.

The modal signup form uses Liquid Programming to determine if a returning visitor has an email address in the database. If they do, the site greets them by name and displays social sharing prompts rather than the email sign up form. If the visitor is a volunteer, that button and changes to Recruit Friends.

The top navigation bar sticks at the top of the viewport and adds a bottom border when a user scrolls down to view addition client.


We removed the standard NationBuilder side navigation bar and created a custom one which includes a Supporter Profile Checklist and a what we call the Donation Center.



The Supporter Checklist uses Liquid Programming to query the database to determine which actions a visitor has taken and updates the checklist as additional actions are taken.

The Donation Center also uses liquid to query the database regarding the visitors last donation date, average and total donation amounts and then delivers different messages and "asks" depending on those results.


Having an attractive, engaging website is important. Having a digital infrastructure designed to optimize and track engagement with supporters wherever they are is absolutely vital. Every interaction with supporters is a data point whether it's a Facebook Like, Retweet, email, phone call, or door knock. 

Utilizing NationBuilder's community organizing system, the campaign is able to learn about people when they engage with the campaign and that gives them the opportunity to deepen and personalize that engagement. Here a few real-life examples.

Because we can filter donors by donation date and amount, and even by what Facebook posts they have liked, the campaign is able to tailor its donation asks to specific targeted audiences. This allowed the campaign to raise $36.67 per emailable supporter with an average donation of $105.22.

Of course raising money is important but so is using first class digital organizing to make sure the campaign is spending it and conducting its field operations as efficiently as possible. Because the campaign is able to track potential voters by support level from a variety of sources, the campaign has saved thousands of dollars and countless volunteer hours by not mailing, calling or canvassing decided voters.


Since starting to work with the Winteregg campaign, we have helped them grow their Twitter account to nearly 4,000 followers and Facebook fans to nearly 4,500. More important than gross numbers is the level of engagement. We organized a rapid response team to comment on news articles and blog posts, like and share Facebook posts and favoriting and retweeting the campaign's Twitter account. 

Even before they formed the company, our founding partners, John LaRosa and Brad Marston have been involved in conservative politics for years and have cultivated relationships with reporters, bloggers and influential political operatives. We also used NationBuilder's database search function to identify the campaign's most engaged supporters as well as Twitter followers so the campaign could reach out to these people. The results are that Facebook posts are actively shared and typically reach 5000+ people without paying for boosts. The campaign's Twitter account consistently ranks in the 98th percentile for Retweets.


It has been a great partnership between FourTier Strategies and JD and his team. By investing early in digital infrastructure, the Winteregg campaign was able to both leverage and deepen support and engagement as the campaign grew. We capture every interaction and record it as a data point and use that information to inform and refine the campaign's messaging, communications and field operations in virtually real time.


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