Light. Fast. Intelligent. Responsive. Those are the hallmarks of effective design. The modern website is no longer just an electronic billboard. Properly designed and built, it will be the central platform for your campaign's organizing efforts, both online and off. Your website will often be the first opportunity for potential supporters to interact with your campaign or cause. It is not an opportunity you can afford to waste.

You need a visually striking site that immediately helps tell your story. It must help you grow your supporter, volunteer and donor base with clear, compelling calls to action. Your site content has to be optimized for sharing, making it easy for supporters to spread your message to friends and families in their social spheres.

The most effective campaigns are not just about getting your message out. They are based on developing personal relationships with supporters and letting them get their message in. Your website can and should do the same. Even in a local race, it is doubtful you will have the opportunity to personally reach every potential supporter. At your website, hundreds or thousands of potential supporters are coming to you. Your website should personalize the content and user-experience. Your supporters are individuals. They will do more to build on your efforts if you treat them as such.

We started designing and building websites on NationBuilder in 2011 when the platform was still in public beta. We have created over 70 sites for candidates for City Council to Presidential frontrunners. As NationBuilder Certified Experts and Architects, we are uniquely qualified to design your site and level up your digital infrastructure and organizing.