Voter-to-Voter Outreach with VoterCircle

Political campaigns large and small, want to reach voters and secure votes. They want to do this as effectively and efficiently as possible. The most effective method is a multi-touch approach, combining phone and door-to-door canvassing, digital advertising and peer-to-peer communication. The most efficient methods focus on encouraging and empowering your supporters to grow your campaign, your email list and supporter network organically while focusing on people who can actually vote for you.

VoterCircle is a friend-to-friend outreach platform that dramatically reduces the time and cost of reaching voters. The traditional outreach paradigm is cold campaign-to-voter outreach. VoterCircle changes that paradigm to enable warm personalized friend-to-friend outreach at scale.

With a couple clicks, your supporters will be able to personally reach hundreds of their friends from the comfort of their home on their own schedule. 

VoterCircle was recognized as a finalist in the 2017 Campaigns and Elections Reed Awards in two categories: Most Innovative Product of the Year and Best Email Tool.