In just a few short years, social media has gone from "shiny object" to an essential element of any campaign strategy. However, too few campaigns and organizations know how to use social media effectively because they think of it as only an online broadcasting tool and forget the "social" in social media. At FourTier, we are experts at utilizing the full spectrum of digital engagement.

Partner and Co-Founder John LaRosa won the 2010 Aristotle Award for Best Republican Social Media. Within months of our founding, FourTier was hired to handle the social media and social media-driven fundraising for Herman Cain for President. We are successful for our clients because we view social media as an opportunity for digital organizing and engaging in the conversations that are already taking place.

Every interaction with a supporter is a data point. No campaign would have volunteers phone bank or canvass door-to-door and not record the results. Why should digital contacts be any different? By linking your Facebook page and Twitter account to your NationBuilder database, we can provide you with insights into who is interacting with specific social media content and sync it directly to your voter file.