Award Winning Social Media. NationBuilder Certified Design and Data Management. We bring 50 years of experience with business best practices to the business of conservative campaigns and causes.

FourTier is not a typical political consulting firm. Why?


We are “patriots first” and, as such, we’re looking to work only with conservative candidates, PACs and organizations. While we’re proud capitalists who insist on being paid for our services,  we are not mercenaries who will say or do anything in order to line our pockets. In fact, we’ve declined far more business than we’ve accepted. Long before we formed this company, we were conservative activists...and we will always remain true to our roots. If we believe that a prospective client might not tell the truth, listen to his or her constituents or defend the Constitution, we will happily part ways and find someone who will.

Brad Marston and John LaRosa, our founding partners, bring to the table more than 50 years of “real world” business experience. That unique perspective differentiates our firm from companies that operate only within a political bubble. While we understand and embrace both traditional and cutting-edge political methods, we also see the value of applying business “best practices” when it makes sense to do so. Our interdisciplinary approach allows us to help our clients by offering a “best of both worlds” menu of services.

Our new business development process is both thorough and transparent. It involves complimentary initial consultations to determine need and establish rapport. Once consultations are complete, we ask our prospective clients to fill out customized questionnaires that, even if we never do business together, will help them focus on the most important aspects of their campaigns or causes. We provide feedback and follow up questions, then submit scope of services proposals with pricing. Only when proposals are accepted and everyone is on the same page do we present a formal agreement. Over the years, this unique process has eliminated confusion, reduced the potential for disputes and created win-win scenarios for both FourTier and our clients.

We never over-promise or “negative sell” in order to close deals. We know what we don’t know and we aren’t afraid to recommend other firms who can do what we don’t. That’s why we’ve developed a network of strategic partners who meet the following criteria: conservative, ethical, talented and fun. Our goal is to provide our clients with solid advice as well as all the talent, tools and technology they need to succeed. To learn more about what we and our well-vetted colleagues offer, please visit the Capabilities page.

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