The Lynch campaign had already chosen NationBuilder before we came on board but they recognized they needed help to truly level-up their front end website and digital organizing. FourTier Strategies, using our skill sets as both NationBuilder Certified Architects and Experts, is working in full partnership with the Matt Lynch for Congress campaign. We designed their website, built out the campaign's digital infrastructure and created and implemented their digital advertising and social media strategy.


We designed and built what one Pollie Award voter called a "next-generation site" that looks more like a statewide or national campaign. Instead of the typical header banner, we used a video hero image that reflects Matt's dedication to family.  

The modal signup form uses Liquid Programming to determine if a returning visitor has previously signed up on the site. If not, they are invited to sign in with email or join using Facebook or via text. Once they do, the site greets them by name and asks them to Endorse, Donate, and Volunteer. If the visitor is a volunteer, that button and changes to Recruit Friends. 

Instead of the typical text-heavy homepage, the site uses images and animation effects to draw visitor attention and interest to pull them into the site.  


We removed the standard NationBuilder side navigation bar and created a custom one which includes a Facebook sign in, Supporter Profile Checklist and a what we call the Donation Center. The Supporter Checklist uses Liquid Programming to query the database to determine which actions a visitor has taken and updates the checklist as additional actions are taken.


The Donation Center also uses liquid to query the database regarding the visitors last donation date, average and total donation amounts and then delivers different messages and "asks" depending on those results.



Having an attractive, engaging website is important. Having a digital infrastructure designed to optimize and track engagement with supporters wherever they are is absolutely vital. Every interaction with supporters is a data point whether it's a Facebook Like, Retweet, email, phone call, or door knock. 

Utilizing NationBuilder's community organizing system, the campaign is able to learn about people when they engage with the campaign and that gives them the opportunity to deepen and personalize that engagement. Here a few real-life examples.

Despite months of outreach, the Lynch campaign only had 112 people signed up to volunteer. Using Accurate Append, we were able to add and/or verify the phone numbers for 88% of our target voters. We the used NationBuilder's filter functionality to identify anyone who had interacted with the campaign, such as donated, pledged to vote, endorsed, etc., but had not volunteered. We were able to identify people who liked the campaign's Facebook page or followed its Twitter account. All-in-all we identified 1200 potential volunteers. We created and assigned call lists to volunteers at a phone bank. After the first day, the campaign more than tripled it volunteer force and 30 days later the campaign has over 700 volunteers.

Because we can filter donors by donation date and amount, and even by what Facebook posts they have liked, the campaign is able to tailor its donation asks to specific targeted audiences. This allowed the campaign to exceed their fundraising goals for 2015, raising $20.57 per emailable supporter with an average donation of $257.09.

Of course raising money is important but so is using first class digital organizing to make sure the campaign is spending it and conducting its field operations as efficiently as possible. Because the campaign is able to track potential voters by support level from a variety of sources, the campaign has saved thousands of dollars and countless volunteer hours by not mailing, calling or canvassing decided voters.


We recognized early on that the campaign would not have the financial resources to purchase enough TV or radio broadcast advertising to cut through the clutter. This was especially true in a Presidential primary election year. Based on our recommendation, the campaign committed 100% of its media budget to digital. 

We knew the campaign needed to target its digital media as precisely as possible. Again, using Accurate Append via NationBuilder, we purchased the email addresses of our target voters matching 61%. We then used that email list to create a Facebook Custom Audience of 47,000 likely GOP voters. We also used the email list and the voter file to IP address match nearly 75% of our target voters.

Since we started advertising in September, Matt's name ID has more than tripled and he has cut the incumbent's 30 point lead to single digits.


Taking on a well-funded, incumbent Congressman is never easy. The Lynch campaign knew it would be greatly outspent. They invested early in their digital infrastructure to help level the playing field. By optimizing the NationBuilder toolkit, we have helped them identify their target voters (and the most cost-effective methods of reaching them), exceed both their fundraising and volunteer recruitment goals and position them for an upset primary election win.   

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