FourTier was brought in to redesign and build-out the Lincoln Club of Northern California's NationBuilder website. Our challenge was to provide the Lincoln Club with the full digital toolkit available through NationBuilder while designing a site that visually reflects the institution's rich history.

We chose as the main color palette, a traditional burgundy, and gray. We also chose an older font style, EB Garamond for the main navigation buttons and Helvetica for the body font.

We recreated their existing logo and broke it into three separate vectors so we could animate it on page load. We redesigned the banner to a hero image and added a modal sign up/sign in portal. We customized the Featured Content Slider to allow the client to add additional text via the native NationBuilder content editor. The original site was very text-heavy. We decided to make the entry points to site content image based.


We were delighted to be asked to work on a site for an organization that supports Republican candidates in the challenging environment of California politics. We built a site that fits their needs, promotes their efforts and goals and gives them the tools to be successful in the 21st century and in modern campaigns.


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