We were brought in to level up Rep. Louie Gohmert's PAC website and revitalize an effort to elect conservative candidates that had gone stale. 

We faced a number of challenges which shaped our approach to crafting a digital organizing structure. As a sitting, U.S. Congressman Louie would have little time to dedicate to promoting the PAC. With the proliferation of PACs using politician's and candidate's names to raise money and the growing cynicism of donors, we knew we had to leverage the trust and reputation that he enjoys. We also knew we would have to leverage social media and make it as easy as possible for supporters to spread the word about his efforts.


We started by developing a responsive "mobile first" site.

We created an animated logo that builds on page load It is embedded in a modal sign-up form which gives visitors the ability to join using email, Facebook or Twitter. More importantly, once a visitor joins the modal sign-up changes to a social sharing prompt with Donate and Recruit Friends links. 

We used a partial template to pull videos of Louie's frequent media appearances to the homepage. Using a partial template allows GOH Conservative PAC to easily update the videos without having to deal with embed codes or HTML.

We also used partial templates to pull content from the Leaderboard page to acknowledge the help of GOH Conservative PAC supporters and encourage others to get involved. We also added Facebook and Twitter sharing prompts which pull the Facebook page excerpt and default Tweet text from the three latest blog posts.


As mentioned above, we knew we had to encourage supporters to spread the word about the PAC. We created a custom page type where the user can set a fundraising goal and the client can set volunteer and supporter recruitment goals. Progress bars track the user's progress towards these goals. 

The page also pulls in the monthly leaderboards for each of those goals. Of course, any trackable goal could be substituted in the leaderboards. This allows users to see how their efforts compare with other supporters. 

The page also displays the total political/social capital the user has earned and an activity stream which shows them their most recent actions and the associated capital earned for each action. Finally, it lists all of the people that user has recruited and whether they are Supporters, Volunteers and/or Donors. If those team members have Facebook or Twitter information, links to their profiles are automatically included.

All of this serves to turn supporters into insiders and adds to their motivation to help build the organization. It also fosters lateral communication between supporters.


We wanted to make it as easy as possible for visitors and supporters to spread the word about Louie's PAC and what he is up to in supporting conservative candidates for Congress. We created a custom partial template that pulls the Facebook and Twitter posts from the last 3 blog posts that contain a certain tag. That way they can control which posts get pushed to the homepage. 


Since launching the new site and revamping the PAC's social media strategy, they have attracted hundreds of new donors (many of them monthly), hundreds of recruiters and online fundraisers, and thousands of supporters.  


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