The Forthright-Local Theme - Powerful, Responsive and Affordable

FourTier Strategies New Forthright Local Theme

Since 2010, FourTier Strategies has designed more than eighty websites for Republican political campaigns and conservative issue-advocacy organizations. We have worked with dozens of Congressional and US Senate candidates, some conservative PACs, and even Herman Cain's campaign for President of the United States.

We designed all of our clients’ sites using NationBuilder...and we couldn’t be happier with the platform. We’ve written about why campaigns should look at NationBuilder for their campaign infrastructure. In short, it is simply the best, most affordable, and most robust data/donor/volunteer/voter management system available on the market.

We also custom-designed all or parts of those 80+ sites, however; and this was both time consuming and labor-intensive. Quite frankly, that kind of customization is outside the budget of most smaller campaigns.

We wanted to change that, so we created Forthright-Local.  In order to help down-ticket candidates, we packaged the technical knowledge and hands-on experience we gained over the years into a far more affordable, yet 100% NationBuilder-compliant, website at a price almost any campaign can afford.


Exactly what does “NationBuilder-compliant” mean?

All the content can be added/edited by the client/end-user directly through the NationBuilder native WYSIWYG editor. That means no HTML or SCSS coding and, (perhaps more importantly in a fast-paced campaign environment), it means you don't have to wait or pay for a designer to update your website.

With Forthright-Local, you create a NationBuilder account and choose the candidate template (which takes about 5 minutes). We share the Forthright-Local theme with your Nation and then you switch from a public theme to the custom, Forthright-Local theme. It's that fast and easy.

At FourTier, our focus is on political campaigns and we designed the template and theme for exactly that.

As you can see from the image above, there is a modal sign-up in the header. We included a social sign-up option via Facebook and Twitter which is increasingly popular with internet users.

Also, note the same header area in the image at left. As soon as visitors sign up to "join your team", the message changes to greet them by name and prompts them to get more involved in your campaign.

We also make it easy for your supporters to spread the word about your campaign by including a Recruit Friends modal that can be included on every page other than the donate page.

The Latest News panel automatically displays the last three blog entries from your blog. There is no need to create separate entries on your blog and the homepage. Also, each entry is individually shareable via social media. We make it easy for visitors to become online supporters via your campaign's Facebook page and Twitter account.

One of the other innovations we added that can go a long way to add a fully custom look and feel to your site is the optional, alternate header images. You can have the same image on all your pages. However, the Forthright-Local theme gives you the option of having a unique header image on any individual page you choose. For example, you might want an image of a crowd of supporters at the top of your Volunteer page. Just upload the image to files section of that page and it will automatically override the default header image.

In addition to the Cobalt color scheme above, we have four additional color schemes, ready for use. If you already have colors picked for your campaign, it is not a problem. Just send us the hex codes and we can make the changes. We can also change the headline and body fonts as well, for a small, additional charge.

Want to see a live version of Forthright Local? CLICK HERE.

So if you are looking to use all the tools of NationBuilder with a customized site, optimized for political campaigns, LET'S GET STARTED?

Not sure? Want to learn more? Give us a call at (617) 410-6775.