Campaign Hacks, Tricks and Tips - 2

In this edition of Campaign Hacks, Tricks and Tips, we'll be discussing effectively merging your digital and field strategy, how NOT to manage your social media accounts and the latest product update from NationBuilder.

2_candidates_2.jpgTwo Candidates Walk Into A Bar

Is this a joke?

No. In fact, if you are running for office, it is very serious. Our hope is to briefly explain how digital strategy and field strategy no longer operate in separate “silos”...and how the campaigns that best merge the two will be more efficient, effective and ultimately, more successful.

So back to our two candidates. They both walk into a bar and inside are 100 people who live in the district. Obviously, they both want to do the three jobs of a candidate; meet voters, secure votes and raise money. The challenge is that they only have 30 minutes. 

One candidate starts working the room introducing himself and, hopefully, listening to people’s concerns. That is traditional “field.” Candidate 2 [C2] knows that of the 100 people in the bar, only 80 are registered to vote. Given that they are running in a primary, C2 also know which of those 80 voters are members of their party and so can vote for them. C2 also knows which of those voters have voted in at least three of the last four primaries. C2 knows who of those 20 or 30 voters own their home, have a net worth over $500,000 and have donated to past political campaigns. C2 looks for those specific voters and starts implementing her strategy. That is effectively merging field and digital.


social-media-politics-BLOG.jpg3 Reasons Candidates Should NOT Manage Their Own Social Media Accounts

A political candidate has three jobs:

1. Raise money.

2. Meet voters.

3. Secure support.

Everything else should be delegated, including social media.

I could explain why so many candidates ignore this 101-level advice, but I’ll save that for another time. For the purposes of this post, I’ll address the headline directly.

Reason 1: It sends the wrong message.

With a few notable exceptions, candidates who manage their own social media accounts are unwittingly screaming to the world that they are not viable. After all, it’s not very expensive to hire a competent social media vendor these days. Candidates who refuse to delegate this task are generally either broke, narcissistic, or a combination thereof. Those who don’t fit into these categories are receiving and following bad advice.


nbuilder-logo-790x328.pngFind your people and pages faster with the improved quick search

At NationBuilder, they believe leadership starts with putting people at the center of everything you do. Today, they’re making it even easier to find, update, and further engage those people by displaying results as soon as you start typing in quick search.

Type in a name, email, NationBuilder ID or Twitter ID in the search box and select a profile to edit right from the drop-down. By starting all your profile-related work from quick search you’ll reduce the likelihood of creating a duplicate and save yourself time later. If you can’t find who you’re looking for, you can also create a new profile in one click.


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