Campaign Hacks, Tips and Tricks - 1

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Campaigns Don't Plan To Fail. They Fail To Plan.

Winning-Election_Social.jpgIn the private sector, startup companies often spend months developing business plans. That intensive but necessary process includes a significant amount of research...and that research is critical to the development of effective strategies and tactics.

Most political campaigns are like business startups and the candidates are essentially new “products.” We published a blog post a couple of years ago “Ten Questions To Ask Before Running For Office.” Assuming you can ask and adequately answer those questions, the next question is “Now what?”

The answer? Plan, Plan, Plan. 

The first number you need to know is “Votes To Win.”



Introducing VoterCircle

Political campaigns large and small, want to reach voters and secure votes. They want to do this as effectively and efficiently as possible. The most effective method is a multi-touch approach, combining phone and door-to-door canvassing, digital advertising and peer-to-peer communication. The most efficient methods focus on encouraging and empowering your supporters to grow your campaign, your email list and supporter network organically while focusing on people who can actually vote for you.

VoterCircle is a friend-to-friend outreach platform that dramatically reduces the time and cost of reaching voters. The traditional outreach paradigm is cold campaign-to-voter outreach. VoterCircle changes that paradigm to enable warm personalized friend-to-friend outreach at scale.


FourTier-Strategies-NationBuiler-calendar.pngNATIONBUILDER FEATURE UPDATE

Build Your Organization With Improved Events Management

NationBuilder has streamlined its Event Management process. You can now edit event settings at the calendar level and apply them to all events and filter for people who RSVP’d, attended, or hosted a specific event. This makes it easier to run lots of events on NationBuilder, either events submitted by your community or created by your organization.

Events let you engage your community and strengthen relationships. Doing them right takes a lot of work. The more events you host, the more of your time this work takes up. We wanted to make sure you could capture the best data about your event rsvp’ers and attendees, without having to do a whole bunch of repetitive work every time you created an event.

We’ve created calendar-wide event settings to simplify the process of setting up an event in NationBuilder. If you use user-submitted events, or if you’ve got lots of people in your organization creating events, calendar event settings allow you to set the tags, paths, point people, and memberships applied by those event pages once at the calendar level rather than having to do it every time you create an event.


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