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FourTier Strategies approaches your campaign from a unique perspective.

Message | Momentum | Muscle | Money

Those are the essentials of a successful political campaign. Miss any one and you are a constituent instead of an office holder. Whether you need help developing and executing your campaign's plans and goals or have a specific area that requires special expertise, FourTier Strategies is here to help. We work seamlessly with you and your team to get you the results you need.

We have one goal; help you win.

At FourTier Strategies, it's what we do.


Why FourTier?

FourTier Strategies Partner John LaRosaFourTier Strategies is not your typical political campaign consultancy. Our founding partners, Aristotle Award Winner John LaRosa and NationBuilder Certified Expert Brad Marston have a combined 50 years of business experience in the private sector. We look at every campaign as a business start up and each candidate or issue as a new product launch. To be successful requires Research, Strategies, Tactics and Execution.

That is the basis of the FourTier approach. We will make sure you know your Strengths,
Weaknesses, Opportunities
Threats bradwebsite.jpgand have plans to address each one. We will work with you and your team to ensure both strategic “buy-in” and effective tactical implementation. From your website, to social media platforms, to mobile apps, to database management and voter outreach programs we make sure you have what you need to compete and win.

We are big believers in the business maxim that "what gets measured gets achieved". We will work with you to develop plans with clear, measurable goals and, as part of your campaign team, we both welcome and expect accountability.

We understand this is a big decision. Contact us to learn more and to determine if FourTier Strategies and your campaign are a good fit. You may not be sure you want to hire us. Don't feel bad. We're not sure we want to take you on as a client...but there is only one way to find out.


Whether it is strategic consulting, messaging, social media or website design, what we do is provide solutions that make sense.

In a relatively short time, FourTier Strategies has grown from a start-up to a nationally recognized campaign consulting firm. Why? Because we don't take ourselves too seriously. We take you and your goals seriously.

As NationBuilder Certified Experts, FourTier Strategies has mastered the most effective, robust campaign tools available to any campaign below the level of President. Data capture, volunteer management, crowd-sourced fundraising, social sharing mobile based canvassing and more is all accessible through the NationBuilder platform. We can build your campaign infrastructure and give you the tools to win.

FourTier focuses on bringing proven business strategies to the business of politics. What's your message? How do you "sell" it? How do we achieve and measure success?

Digital Strategy

Having a website a Facebook page and a Twitter account is not a digital strategy. How do you turn a byte of data into a knock on a door? How do you turn a Facebook update into a Voter ID call? How do you turn a Tweet into a campaign donation?

Your online campaign must be designed to work seamlessly with your "boots on the ground" efforts. Active data management is essential.

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Strategic Consulting

Once you've decided to run for office, form a PAC or start an issue advocacy group, your choice of a General Consultant is the single most important decision you'll make for the rest of your campaign.

At FourTier, we take a different approach than most consultants. Despite our extensive political experience, we tap our business backgrounds and assess client projects as we would business start-ups.

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Social Media

Anyone can post photos and statements on Twitter and Facebook. Very few people really know how to inspire online activists to spread your message and recruit others to join them.

We do. So, whether it’s “name ID”, fundraising, volunteer recruitment or earned media, when FourTier places a “call to action” on your behalf, people tend to respond quickly and enthusiastically.

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Online Advertising

Online advertising must be an integral part of your communications strategy. It is simply too cost effective to ignore.

More importantly, a majority of voters now turn to the internet for information and any serious candidate must be there. Just as a campaign will have a budget for direct mail, radio and TV, you need to have a budget and plan for your online advertising across multiple platforms.

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Website Design

The days of a campaign website being simply an electronic billboard for a candidate are long since past.

Voters are increasingly accessing the internet via mobile devices, and it is essential that your online efforts are optimized for smart phones and tablets. All must be attractive, compelling and reflective of the best aspects of the candidate. It has to be an integral part of your voter and volunteer outreach efforts.

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Online Fundraising

As with everything on the internet, online fundraising is rapidly changing as new platforms are developed, competition increases and the donor base evolves. “Online Fundraising” today is more accurately defined as social-media or social-networking based fundraising.

Online political fundraising relies on "crowd-sourcing" or online bundlers who work with direction from, but ultimately independently of, the campaign.

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Should you consider FourTier? Yes, but don't take our word for it.

FourTier Strategies clients

Herman Cain with Partners John LaRosa and Brad Marston“If you’ve followed my career at all, you know that I always make it a point to ask the right questions, work on the right problems and surround myself with the right people. Two people who share that approach are Brad Marston and John LaRosa, the co-founders of FourTier Strategies, LLC. They are not your typical consultants because, in addition to their extensive political expertise, they bring to the table more than 50 years of combined private sector business experience. Simply put, these guys “get it”, both on a strategic and tactical level. 

I was fortunate enough to meet and work with Brad and John both during my Presidential run and after I moved on to “Plan B”. As vendors to my campaign and PAC, they provided services that included social media consultation and implementation, social media-driven fundraising, blogger relations, video promotion, online “rapid response” and general messaging strategies. I couldn’t be happier with their work ethic, integrity, professionalism and effectiveness...and, for these reasons, I can recommend them without reservation. If you have a PAC or you’re thinking of running for office, do yourself a favor and contact FourTier as soon as possible.”

~ Herman Cain

Read more FourTier client testimonials.

We don't design websites. We design stories. 

Recently we were approached by a potential client that had an existing NationBuilder website that they weren't satisfied with. Not NationBuilder's fault. It is an amazing data management platform but you do need to know front-end design to make it look the way you want.

Fortunately, we do. Our challenge was to redesign the front end so that the site would look great in time for the candidate's announcement which was 30 hours away.

I called our design team, bought a case of Red Bull and we went to work. 

26 hours later this is what we delivered.

We think it's better.

Building a website and creating social media accounts is not a “Digital Campaign”. In fact, these efforts can be counterproductive if you don’t recognize that they are part of a much bigger initiative. Simply put, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms should be viewed as a means to an end. They are online tools designed to help you implement your overall campaign strategy. The questions you really have to ask include: “How do I turn a site visitor into a supporter, a tweet into a door knocker or a Facebook update into a phone caller? Most importantly for a political campaign “How do I leverage all of my online calls to action to win votes on election day?”

It’s actually a bit misleading, and outdated,...

If you want to reach your target audience, get responsive.

Even a great looking website can end up being nothing more than an electronic billboard. Worse, if it's not updated frequently people have no reason to return. It's like having a bunch of great looking fliers collecting dust in a closet. If it's not optimized for mobile that closet is in a vacant house on the wrong side of the tracks. Over the past year, we’ve looked at dozens of state GOP and countless local candidate websites and we were struck by how out-of-date most of them looked and felt. Many county and city committee sites were merely Blogger or WordPress blogs and, with the exception of the newly re-designed CaGOP.org ,...

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